Free Google Analytics learning resources & study material

Free Google Analytics study material for new users and for GAIQ certificate

Are you new to Google Analytics? Do you need to pass GAIQ? Fortunately, with the help of free Google Analytics study material you can use to become the next analytics superstar!

Google Analytics study material published by Google

If you are a complete beginner, the reports, tabs, and settings provided by Google Analytics can be overwhelming. It is easy to get lost in data and spend hours without finding anything actionable.

There is no reason for despair. You can learn to use GA one report at a time, just to find the data you need.

First, you need to have a basic understanding of the basic concepts, vocabulary and limits of Google Analytics. Only then you should move to the more advanced topics.

The best place to start is Google’s Analytics Academy. Google has published several excellent tutorials for new Analytics users. Spending a few hours with the study material is well spent. It will save you from many mistakes and misunderstandings!

If you are working in ecommerce, you should continue with this:

For mobile analytics:

Google Analytics videos on YouTube

YouTube is an excellent source of free learning material for both new and advanced GA users. New Analytics users should start with Google Analytics Solutions:

Google Analytics certification (GAIQ) study material

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam is a good way to demonstrate your knowledge when applying for a job.

If you have been using Analytics for a while it should really be easy to pass. Just read the study material to fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

If you are starting out in Analytics you might not even understand the questions.

In any case you should not google the questions and answers. The certification is a piece of paper or a pdf file. You need to learn something, too!

Google has published the best possible learning material for GAIQ. The material includes videos and texts. If you are new to Analytics, you should start with videos.

You should probably first have a look at these pages in order to have an idea about what you need to know:

And for motivation

Some bloggers have also published study guides for GAIQ.  You should definitely have a look at:

Google Analytics Demo Account

Google has recently released a demo Analytics account for Google Merchandise Store. It is a real ecommerce website selling Google-branded products.

This is an excellent resource for different uses:

  • Analytics training sessions
  • Learning the best practices
  • Learning material for new users and those studying for GAIQ.

All users get a standard Read & Analyze access to this account.

For more information and link to the account click here.

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